Trion Worlds Closing UK Offices This Week

The respected developer of not only Defiance but Rift, too, is about to close yet another one of its offices. This time the closing office is in Guildford, UK. This comes not long after the closing of other Trion studios which hints that the company is doing too hot profit-wise. Trion has made it seem like they are only restructuring their company but as more and more offices are forced to shut their doors this is looking more like a series of lay offs because of bad revenue.

Trion Closes UK Office

The game developer stated that players of both current and future games will not be affected by these closings because the development will continue in the Redwood City, California studio. So work will progress but without the help of the UK office.

The Guildford, UK office is set to be closed either today or early next week.

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